• We are a global multifaceated financial services company.
  • Engaged in Credit Risk Management, Field Investigation activities.
  • More than 2 decades of Experience.

Our Aim, Strengths & Vision

We strive to become a global powerhouse in the field of risk management and financial consultancy services by rendering redressal and recovery services to all principals and clients through valid and fair practices. Implementing robust procedures to optimize results by hiring and training competent individuals has enabled us to become an industry benchmark and maintain a strong and well-defined debt collection process. Our vision seeks to create a customized framework with a flexible dedicated network with global presence to guide genuine debtors out of their debt trap which in turn will contribute to developing the economy of the country. Considering the circumstances on either side, we attempt to play the role of a fair mediator so as to obtain the best results.


Core Activities

Fintrestle Group facilitates financial consultancy services including Debt Restructuring, Reconciliation, Recovery and Follow up and allied activities of Credit Risk Management along with Field Investigation & CPV both in U.A.E. and India.

Our Presence

Our Core Team

With vast experience and knowledge!

Why Us?

Risks are simply unavoidable and intertwined with the different stages of life. At Fintrestle, we believe not all of them can be mitigated with ease regardless of the party’s profile. Complex risks demand specialists who have many years of experience in assessing and mitigating them and this is where our expertise lies. The liabilities, may it be personal or institutional, they reach a pinnacle where there is a general tendency to avoid paying the dues due to lack of awareness or running away from it for the fear of the law. We can help resolve the repayment dilemma by considering the debtor’s circumstances and the interest of the principal. Commercial perspective is important but not at the cost of the satisfaction of relieving oneself from the unprecedented horrors of financial debts and returning to normalcy.
We have been successful in handling and resolving large liabilities for a few major corporate clients here in the U.A.E. Through the formation of a consortium, these large liabilities were restructured bearing in mind the resources available to the clients and the settlement demands of the principals. Our services do not stop here. We further help the same clients recover their receivables from the markets they do business in.
The markets have evolved and so have we. Our rich experience in the U.A.E. has helped us sharpen our processes and develop appropriate strategies. We do not call ourselves the best but confident to handle complex liabilities and find amicable solutions for both our clients and principals. Our perseverance and professional approach are testament to our success.

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